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Infinity Bio Profiler Services 

Accelerate your Discoveries - Infinity Bio offers fast, reliable, comprehensive Antibody Profiling analysis:

Virome, Proteome and Allergome Discovery and Biomarker

  • Standard peptide Profiler or full-length protein Profiler libraries, 

  • Custom Profiler libraries that can be developed on demand

Monoclonal Antibody Cross-reactivity/Off Target Binding

Our biostatisticians can help you with customized statistical analyses to ensure maximal insight derived from your studies.


Standard Antigen Profiler


VirSIGHT™: Human Viruses profiler

Peptide-level antiviral antibody profiling service that includes all viruses known to infect humans in a single test. Our comprehensive panel provides an unparalleled assay of viral exposures and vaccine responses by comprehensively analyzing antiviral peptide antibodies.

Need a zoonotic virus, a bacterial or fungal pathogen, parasite? 
Infinity Bio can develop Custom panels!

human viruses.png
protein allergen.png

AllerSIGHT™ profiler: Allergen

Peptide-level anti-allergen antibody profiling service for all known food and environmental protein allergens. Our comprehensive panel provides an unparalleled assay of either food allergy (IgE) or immune "recognition"(IgG).


HuSIGHT™ profiler: Human Proteins

Together, our panels cover all human proteins including:
cytokines and chemokines, growth factors, oncogenic receptors and more. The panels provide an unparalleled way to assay an individual's autoimmune responses.

1. Full-Length Protein Library

Full-length protein-level library of over 16,000 sequence-verified ORF clones. 

2. Peptide Library (coming soon)

60 aa peptide-level autoantibody profiling service for all human open reading frames (ORFs). Adjacent peptides overlap by 20 aa.


3. Mature Chain Secretome Library (coming soon)

880 full-length human extracellular and secreted proteins whose mature polypeptide chains are equal to or less than 90 amino acids in length. This unique library covers a diverse range of molecular functions, including hormones (200), enzymes (45), growth factors (48), protease inhibitors (44), and neuropeptides (84). 

human proteome.png
human proteome (2).png

Custom antigen libraries


Customer and Project Specific

From epitope to protein-level antigen libraries, we support projects of infinite possibilities. Let us help you design your antibody profiling project by covering any organisms, species or protein set. 

MIPSA technology provides an unparalleled flexibility to design and build sequence verified antigen libraries at a rapid turnaround and cost efficiency.

Screenshot 2023-06-18 at 7.40.09 PM.png

BioInformatics and Data Analysis Services

Customer and Project Specific

Infinity Bio offers fee-for-service Statistical Services. Our biostatisticians can help you with customized statistical analysis to help ensure that you maximize the value and information output from your studies. Our goal is to help you design your studies and perform your analyses to ensure optimal results. 

Infinity Bio has a team of expert professionals experienced in handling antibody profiling data that can be customized according to the project needs. 


Infinity Bio charges by an hourly rate, according to the scope of the project and after an initial study goals and design discussion. 

We can perform different kinds of statistical analysis depending on the need of the customer and the available data. For example: 


  • Group comparisons using T-test, ANOVA or linear regression 

  • Analysis of time series or repeated measurements by linear mixed effect models 

  • Unsupervised data overview and cluster analysis (PCA and hierarchical clustering, for example) 

  • Machine learning for feature selection and prediction/classification


Cross-Reactivity and Off-Target Binding Analysis

Understand the specificity of your monoclonal antibody

Off-target reactivity is a major cause of failed preclinical drug programs

Data suggest that up to 20% of lead monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) display off-target binding, often against unpredicted and unrelated targets

Comprehensive and unbiased specificity profiling can help better predict off-target binding of mAbs and de-risk pre-clinical candidates prior to IND submission

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Screen Shot 2023-12-19 at 4.06.26 PM.png

Ready to accelerate your discoveries?

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