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Massively Multiplexed Serology:

Mapping Antibody Reactivities at Scale


Molecular Indexing of Proteins/peptides by Self-Assembly (MIPSA)

Use libraries of conformational and/or

linear epitopes 

Novel self-assembling system produces proteins and peptides covalently linked to unique DNA barcodes 

Readout by high throughput sequencing of amplified DNA barcodes 

“The new MIPSA technology offered by Infinity Bio is a game changer that allows us to characterize rapidly the allergome of companion animal species. This collaboration saves us years of work! The Infinity Bio team is professional, responsive, and highly competent"

Thierry Olivry

Head of R&D, Nextmune, Stockholm, Sweden

~800 trillion antibodies in every drop of blood

Antibody profiling refers to the comprehensive analysis of an individual's antibody responses against a large set of specific antigens (antibody generators).

Antibodies, also known as immunoglobulins (Ig's), are proteins produced by the immune system in response to the presence of foreign substances, such as pathogens or allergens, or in the case of autoimmune disease, an individual's own proteins.

An individual's repertoire of circulating antibodies provides a global picture of their previous and ongoing immune responses and can offer meaningful physiological insights


Antibody Profiling Applications

Discover mechanisms

Antibody profiling can reveal environmental exposures or infections  associated with complex diseases. It can also reveal  specific autoimmune antibodies that directly  or indirectly contribute to mechanisms of disease.

Stratify patients

Antibody biomarkers can play an important role in disease diagnosis, prognosis and patient stratification. Optimal patient stratification can greatly improve the success rates of clinical trials.

Avoid adverse events

Pre-existing antibodies can indicate underlying disease susceptibility relevant for adverse events, especially in response to  immunomodulatory therapies. Anti-drug/vector antibodies may also interfere with therapeutic efficacy.

Develop diagnostics

Antibody tests play a prominent role in clinical diagnostics. Unbiased antibody profiling can reveal the most optimal antigens and epitopes for formulation into clinical tests.

Antibody Profiling Disease Areas

Antibody profiling is used extensively in a variety of fields, including infectious disease research, vaccine development, allergy studies, autoimmune disease research, cancer immunology, and more. It helps researchers and clinicians understand the immune status of individuals or groups, identify immune-related patterns, and one day will be used to personalize treatments or interventions accordingly.

Infectious Diseases 

Infinity Bio's services provide insight into the immune responses of an individual or a population against specific pathogen proteins or vaccine components. In an unbiased way, we can support epidemiologic investigations of pathogen circulation or emergence, discovery of complex disease mechanisms, development of improved diagnostics, and tracking of immune responses over time at the individual or population levels.

Autoimmune Disease Research

Infinity Bio's diverse and complementary autoantibody detection products will uncover molecular targets and patterns of reactivity associated with autoimmune diseases, such as lupus, multiple sclerosis, scleroderma, etc. Let us help you understand the specific immune targets within the body's own tissues, which underly the mechanisms of these diseases.

Vaccine Development

Antibody profiling will play a prominent role in the next generation of vaccine development by helping to identify key epitopes and revealing crucial mechanistic correlates of vaccine efficacy. 

Allergy Research

Take an unbiased approach to characterizing allergic antibodies, including food allergies and environmental allergies (e.g., pollen, dust mites). We empower researchers to understand and characterize the specific allergens - at epitope resolution - involved in immune reactions, identifying biomarkers to improve diagnostic and therapeutic strategies.

Cancer Immunotherapy

Antibody profiling can be utilized in the field of cancer immunotherapy to assess the immune response against cancer cells. Take an unbiased approach to identifying tumor-specific antibodies and evaluating the efficacy of immunotherapeutic interventions, such as immune checkpoint inhibitors or monoclonal antibodies. Undesirable immune related adverse events (irAEs) can also be detected and characterized by antibody profiling. 

Target and Biomarker Discovery

Let Infinity Bio help you discover novel therapeutic targets or biomarkers associated with various diseases. By analyzing the antibody profiles of patients with specific conditions, you will discover reactivity patterns or specific antibodies associated with disease presence, initiation or progression. Better patient stratification will lead to more targeted and effective treatment approaches.

Precision Medicine

Deeply characterizing each individual's unique antibody repertoire will be a critical component of true precision medicine. Gene therapies, microbiome therapies, immunomodulatory therapies - all stand to benefit from a better understanding of each patient's unique exposure history and immune profile. 


Infinity Bio Profiling Services

Accelerate your Discoveries!  Infinity Bio offers fast, reliable, comprehensive antibody profiling with:

  • Standard peptide Profiler or full-length protein Profiler libraries, 

  • Custom Profiler libraries that can be developed on demand. 

Our team of expert scientists are available to help you with 

bioinformatics and data analysis support to maximize your insight. 

Human Viruses

Comprehensive peptide library of all viruses known to infect humans



Protein Allergens

Comprehensive peptide library of all known food and environmental protein 


Human Proteins

Comprehensive peptide, or full-length libraries of all human protein sequences


Custom Content

Comprehensive bespoke libraries for any project-specific protein 




Bioinformatics &
Data Analysis

Infinity Bio offers standard reporting as well as fee-for-service statistical analyses. Our biostatisticians can help you with customized statistical analyses to ensure maximal insight derived from your studies. 

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